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Marianna's Feng Shui has gradually and graceful shown me to a peaceful path to exploring a world of love and romance that is natural, profound, and rejuvenating. This is not "new age" propaganda with empty promises of quick fixes to vain problems. Marianna has a true connection with the nature and flow of the universe that most of us tune out in our industrial fast paced daily lives. She shares her gift earnestly and openly; her generosity is inspiring. I am blessed to have found such a wonderful tool to ameliorate my life. It is working, and I am so grateful. Marianna's guidance in Feng Shui has been like a slowly unfolding and most lovely dream. Challenges did not dissipate completely, but became a manageable and even enjoyable part of the wonderful process of life that includes some suffering and so much love.

Megan - Charlottesville, VA

Marianna's knowledge in Feng Shui surpasses the usual expectation of merely arranging your house. She looks at all the aspects of your life and gives suggestions for the placement of items that can better serve your needs on a deeply spiritual level. Originally, I thought it would be a great idea to get a consultation to help make my home more enjoyable to come home too. I never expected that Feng Shui would actually change the chi and dynamics of my life! She offers a great gift to the world and is able to meet people on a very personal level. My home is now very comfortable and welcoming! I now understand how Feng Shui can add a very personal touch to the things you want to cultivate into your life. I am forever grateful.

Dominique BCST- Charlottesville, VA

It was a wonderful visit, and it was even more than I bargained for. Thank you so much for your continued support via e-mail.

Erik, Charlottesville, VA (09/2008)

Marianna proceeded to walk through my apartment and pointed out various items representing childlike vulnerability and helped me to remove them. She also noticed a draining away of nurturing, empowering energy so we removed articles, changed pictures, and moved a mirror. All the while I received the benefit of her natural gift of insight into what was going on with me internally.

Laurie Marshall - Charlottesville, VA

Thank you so much for your excellent consultation. You really helped me to make a huge energy shift in this house. I was able to reclaim space for myself and effect changes in my writing habits which were previously impossible. Your intuition was flawless about the effects that moving several pictures and mirrors would make. It seemed impossible that such a small thing could make a difference in my life, but the result was no small thing.

Elizabeth Kerrurie - Crimora, VA

I'm just amazed at how on target your insights and consultation were, and how effective in bringing about awareness and change. Someone new came into my life. We've been together now since last summer.

Irene Powch - Portland, OR

I was instantly impressed by her genuine respect for this elegant science and her perceptions about me, from a simple tour of my home. She correctly assessed my personality, pointing out what areas in my life were in or out of alignment with who I am. A few weeks later, I noticed dramatic changes in my life that were in the very areas worked on with Feng Shui. It was as if I was being showered with blessings: I was offered a new job with a higher salary; met a nice man who was more my equal partner in many ways; won a trip for two to Hawaii; and more people wanted to come over my house to visit. Thank you Marianna for everything.

Joy Ramos - Portland, OR

When Marianna arrived I was impressed that she knew a great deal and was able to quickly see spots that could be influencing my moods to the negative. She has a unique ability to see details that had passed me by, and even saw trends that may have been related to an event in my past. The experience was fun due to Marianna's pleasant personality and her enjoyment of helping me create a more positive atmosphere in my home.

Virginia Creitz - Portland, OR