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It is a privilege to me to enter your home. I do it with great honor because I know, it is your sanctuary. I approach your needs, concerns and questions with love, compassion and openness. I would like you to actively participate in your transformation and healing process. I like empowering people; doing things with them instead of doing things for them. I encourage you to believe in yourself to bring about changes in your life.

During the consultation you and I will walk through your home while having an in-depth conversation. Together we will uncover the issues you find most challenging to deal with. You will look at familiar structures and objects through different eyes. You might feel like a tourist in a city you have never visited before while marveling at the new discoveries of your living environment. Feng Shui is like an exciting adventure and I have the privilege to be your tour guide on your journey into the uncharted territories of your home.

Through discoveries comes understanding. You will gain a fresh perception of your life. Based on these new insights, we will rearrange the flow of energy or chi, by using cures. These remedies are the practical applications of the wisdom that has been accumulated over thousands of years.

[Consultaion Fee ]

Typical consultations last 3 to 4 hours. Follow-up phone conversations relating to the consultation are welcome for no additional charge.

I do consultations for businesses of all sizes. Please call for a quote. I appreciate the effort you are putting into manifesting your dream - my work is about manifesting dreams. Be it a store front needing more traffic or an office needing increased productivity, Feng Shui can help.

A travel fee may apply for long distance commutes.

Marianna Griffin
Certified Feng Shui consultant